How to Disable Java in Your Mac

A new variant of malware detected by Flashback F-Secure, which exploits the Java problem and affects computers Mac.

This bug has been discovered in Java for some time, and Oracle has already upgraded to Windows users by February but so far Apple has not done anything.

If you have OS X Lion probably have not even installed the Java because it no longer comes preinstalled in the OS. Although, then, that the probability of “contaminated” by the malware is too small will give a good following bad way to un-install the Java from the Lion.

First, disable Java by through the Safari Preferences-> Security.

Now you should be using Terminal check if you have the Java. Open Terminal and enter the following command:

sudo / usr / libexec / java_home-xml

If you see two entries <dict>, it means that there is Java on your computer. To uninstall enter the following commands in Terminal:

sudo / usr / libexec / java_home-uninstall


sudo rm-rf / System / Library / Java

Now re-run the first command to check if indeed they were the uninstallation.

For the Snow Leopard browse and open the Java In the tab ‘General’ off everything you see.

How to Disable Java in Your Mac 2

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