Digital “iPhoneTraffic Safety” for Cyclists are Motorists

Cyclists are Motorists

Two new products for technology enthusiasts. 

1-iPad as a signal transducer

Cyclists are motorists often a real traffic-related puzzle: The bikes are always shot out of nowhere and once you have it in front of him, you do not often know where they want.The Design Studio Maya from the American Pittsburgh wants to solve at least the latter problem now. The company has an application called Sprocket for iPhone and iPad developed that operate through the movement of the sensor devices and the surrounding traffic information about the intentions of the cyclist.

Contributes to their smart phones or tablet simply on the back – a matching bag is available from Maya or can be sewn together with a fast network available in the building instructions. The functions are simple and elegant way. The rider leans to the left or right, Sprocket shows a corresponding arrow to signal the turn. When the driver sees the traffic behind an “I’ll stop.”

MAYA provides free Sprocket been in Apple’s App Store to download. The software could also finance but later on in the meantime been hidden advertising, if they are not very distracting to motorists.

2-Smartphone for bikers

Who wants to bring his mobile mini-computer in the car, has to become an infinite variety of ways – from simple to luxury charger kit. So you can then use their smart phones as navigation capabilities for the music or sound in the vehicle.

However, the latest cell phones not only in the hands of the owner or a useful companion in the car. Also on two wheels, an environmentally friendly smartphone be useful – for example in car navigation system used like feature. The accessories designer, has developed a support rider, which can be used Apple’s latest iPhone 3G and 4 generations easily and securely mounted mainly on the handlebars. The phone will be usable both vertically and horizontally and comes in a protective case that also the harsh conditions of the city to withstand.

The support available from October to hear the beautiful name of “spies” and is designed to give you his iPhone at any time can remove from the bike, so it is not stolen.


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