Developed a Platform for the Rapid Design of Robots

Platform for the Rapid Design of Robots

Scientists at MIT are working on a simple technology that will allow a minimum cost design of robots in everyday life. It is assumed that a single platform will allow to build a simple robot in a few hours of simple materials available, even from the paper.

Institute Professor Daniela Ras says that the project is a fundamentally new approach to the design of intelligent machines. A single technology platform provides a complete set of actions. It includes the assembly of mechanical parts, as well as the job required her to the arsenal of features, writes

The authors proceed from the fact that everyone in one form or another need help around the house. A person must clearly articulate the task and imagine how it can solve simple machine. After that, based on initial data and tools platform is its design and assembly of materials at hand. An equally important factor in building a robot is the software part.

At the current stage of the project the authors concentrate on the development of a unified API, you have a uniform code that would allow designers to quickly set-amateurs sequence from robots, and specify the conditions under which these actions. As an example, researchers have demonstrated a primitive robot, designed to bring the owner of these items. In the future, the creators of the project are going to improve the process of production of mechanical parts, using programmable materials. Probably it will have to resort to 3D-printers.

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