Detect if Someone Access your Computer without your Permission

seguridadIn an ideal world, your computer is yours and no one else can use it. However, it is more usual to share your PC with others in the house, and living together or working together in a same place is not always easy, certainly once you find that someone has accessed your computer without permission. It is not always possible to make use of parental control and can not be 100% sure that your password is indecipherable, how to detect an unauthorized access? Here we review some tips and tricks to find out if someone has accessed your computer.

You come home or office , you approach your computer and see the mouse or keyboard driven. Someone has wiped out or have used your computer? This situation will be happened on more than one occasion, that is what you have to live with others , you’ll never be entirely sure that anyone has on your computer and you have used without your knowledge. But do not worry, with a little patience and a few simple steps you can discover if there has been unauthorized access to your PC.

Common sense

It seems silly, but common sense is important in these cases. Before installing complicated or open the command line programs, stop for a moment and see: has anything changed on your computer since the last time you used it? Notice if there is a new file on the desktop or in new programs installed in the Start menu (usually appear highlighted). The same can look, but in reverse, ie if you look at something that was missing before, as a folder or file.

Another option is to look at the web browser , that is the most currently used and is often the first victim of unauthorized access to our computer program. In history there are new pages that do not remember visited? On the other hand, do not forget the Trash, you may find some surprises.

Ask Windows


Although not very well known, Windows is a snitch. Go, and any Windows operating system to keep ahistory of actions performed during operation. This information is very useful in case your computer suffers a mishap, and will serve you well in this case to find out if someone has used your PC. The most direct way to access this information is from “Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Computer Management.” From the “Computer Management” program will see the activity that has been in Windows and thus know if we were not home when something happened. Specifically, you have to look out for in the left column where “Event Viewer” appears. If you open it you will see “Windows Logs” and inside, “Security.” It may take a while, but selecting this option will list it appears all actions related to turning on the computer , login and logout, etc.. Looking at the date and time see if you may have on the PC yourself or another person.

A virtual camera surveillance

If the first two steps do not have enough, or you have not been at all helpful, there is a third option: to photograph the screen . There are programs that capture the screen automatically every few seconds or minutes. If someone turns on the computer, this program will also activate and do its job. Come back, look at whether new catch: you will be helpful to find the offender and to know what has been doing.

There are many programs for it, but I recommend using Auto Screenshot Capture to be very simple, easy to use and configure. Basically you indicate the number of automatic screenshots (the higher the number the better), the seconds between shots (with put half a minute or more is enough) and which folder to save shots, for example in Dropbox.

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