DARPA Creates Equipment Able to Hide Objects in Time

 DARPA Creates Equipment Able to Hide Objects in Time

Technology systems can contribute to more secure data transmission (Photo: Playback)

Physical supported by the Pentagon in the United States, announced  that managed to develop a system capable of concealing events and objects during a small fraction of the time. The device thus makes something invisible in time and not in space.

Details of the study were published in the journal Nature and operation of the “invisibility cloak time” uses the principle that the frequencies of light move at slightly different speeds.

Case uses a fiber optic cable and transmits a frequency of light that the human eye recognizes as green. The beam of green light through a lens that breaks down into two different radii, one blue, which moves faster, and a red, slower. If you know the Doppler effect associated with the frequencies of light, it is easy to understand how scientists came to do.

The small variation in speed between light blue and RED is enough to create a small gap of information. This time gap is increased with a translucent barrier, allowing time for another ray of light is fired. This ray of light, which occupies the brief interval of 50 thousandths of a nanosecond is undetectable. It exists in space, but not in time. After that, the blue light is decelerated and accelerated red green light to rebuild the original.

Scientists involved in the project work to extend the time of the invisibility cloak time. Among the many applications for the technology, one of the most promising is the sending of information that could not be detected and therefore intercepted by hackers.



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