DARPA Wants to Create Electronic Devices that can Dissolve

darpa_melting_electronicsThe agency DARPA is preparing yet another very interesting research project, as always (and unfortunately) for military purposes, which may be particularly beneficial for others in other areas. Theme of the program VAPR (Vanishing Programmable Resources) is the manufacture of electronic devices can disappear or dissolve in the environment at the will of their manager, and after a battle is not feasible to recover all used electronic devices , so there is a risk of falling into enemy hands.

 Researchers will be encouraged to create new materials and new production processes to create devices that include biodegradable sensors in order to be able to manage from a distance, but also to be able to start a self-destruct mechanism after some time if lost contact with the main administrator.

We will wait with interest for the developments of electronic devices which can disappear or dissolve and who knows, maybe in the future to buy gadgets with expiration date …

[Via SlashGear ]

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