How to Crack the “Classmates”: Methods and Implications

How to Crack the "Classmates": Methods and Implications 2

Burglary – employment is not innocuous, especially zealous users for it shines up to two years in prison.

Many family conflicts begin with a social network. It is worth listening to some sentimental transmission on television about the gap, there is likely to pop up a story about how a husband found some dirt in the profile of another. Breaking the social account’s cousin seems to be something simple and banal, and the motivation of “obvious” – but I must know that he is “there” does. But this activity is by no means innocuous – especially zealous users for it shines up to two years in prison. And the precedent has already been.

It’s so easy to hack

One lady has her lover hacked to avenge him. I learned the password from his mail, requested password recovery from the “Classmates” and then heartily rejoice in his profile, leaving the status as the last offensive recognition, which he supposedly wrote about himself. Another girl broke “Classmates” to confirm his suspicions about her husband’s betrayal. It is included in the program Punto Switcher diary, this function (for good, by the way, goals) captures all that is typed on the computer, but at the same time preserves and logins, passwords. It remains only to put them on the website and read all the correspondence.

The third account as anyone not to crack, by contrast, was under constant supervision by her husband. With the help of special programs, he hacked and e-mail and Skype, and Learn, and social networks. The girl knew about it, but could not do anything, the computer they had one for two.

There are many stories, although the social networks rarely record them on their radar, they can see the massive break-ins by spammers who make it to mailing ads. A special cases and are within the same apartment.

How to hack an account on social networking sites?

The network is poorly tailored videos about how to hack someone else’s profile, for example, by making changes to the code page. Demand and the ability to add points in a social network and gain votes to pay for something, and jokes, such as changes in someone else’s profile, personal data, capacity, etc. frendomassy

There are online stores spy equipment, where you can buy everything – from listening devices to the master keys locks. Is there software for social networks. For example, keyloggers. They provide information on all actions on the controlled PC. The program can not only record every button on the keyboard, but also allows you to monitor on and off the computer startup and shutdown programs to monitor the correspondence by the majority of modern instant messengers, to control the content of the e-mail, keep track of visited Web pages, and much more.

Spyware on the computer can automatically take pictures of events on the screens of users. The resulting data is sent over the network to the controlling computer. These programs are positioned as a tool for employers and parents. The cost of such programs on the Internet – 6-8 thousand rubles.

USB-device to monitor your computer over the Internet you can buy more than 10 thousand rubles. You will need to insert it into the USB-port of the computer that you want to monitor, install spyware, and you will be able to conduct covert surveillance on a computer on the Internet. The device in the computer must not be greater. That is, if you want to monitor yourself. And you can give to outsource this service. Hacking other people’s profiles in social networks similar to the business. However, the announcement of its services to publish controversial craftsmen pages, leaving a contact e-mail or ICQ. Promise in case of burglary does not change the password that the victim did not understand what followed. They say that maintain confidentiality, provide any evidence that the profile is really broke, and then take the money. Typically, they also promised to crack and post on various sites. At the request of the execution of the order of one to four days.Take from 1,800 rubles. up to 4,000 rubles. We accept electronic money.

Burglary in the name of love?

“Hacking accounts in social networks is on the same principle as the break-mail – says hacker Valera – beautifully decorated Used fake-letter, the purpose of which – so the user switched on the link and entered their data. These he introduces to the phishing site, similar to the site mail or social networks, for example. That is, people believe that comes into your real account, but in fact it is at this moment sends its login and password swindler. That, in turn, forwards them to the customer, and the latter freely at any time, comes at the right or e-mail account as it makes what he wants. There are more options with cookies (that is, if no passwords are needed, above all in time to take advantage of cookies). “

Funny, but hackers are small, as the organizers of DDoS-attacks, which we once wrote , too, complain about throwing in his “business”, they say, that they who are working honestly, and many take the money and foreign correspondence to the customer and do not give. “Generally speaking, hacking of networks (or rather stealing passwords) – is the simplest thing can be from hacking, – said Valeriy, – and to do so can anyone who has a general idea how it’s done. The majority of customers – men and women who are very jealous of their halves. I would say, love. And do it to make sure that their half of them does not change. “

And here is another hacker, who would not give his name, admitted that he did not have long breaks social networks, because it is too problematic. “Community social networks are so intimidated by the spammers, they fear their own shadow. The game is not worth it “- he said. His specialty now – breaking mailboxes, the case, he said, more rewarding.

A fine or a prison?

Representatives of the social networking warned – account can hack into social networking – it is not only immoral and illegal, but for the most dangerous attacker. For example, if we are talking about special programs for hacking. “This is a deception, – said Alexander Fairly , director of marketing and strategic communications business unit Social Networks Facebook.Com , – When downloading a program is installed on your computer a virus that silently sends fraudsters to your passwords and other valuable information “.

Although some justice in this is – the one who decided to hack someone else’s profile, could lose the password from your own.

“Hacking accounts in social networks, including its change, copy information from it, or pretend to be compromised by forms of crime under Article 272 of the Criminal Code the first part, says Michael Salkin of the Moscow Human Rights Centre – punishment – ranging from a fine to 200 thousand rubles to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years. “

Michael recalls the case of actual judicial practice – in Volgograd, was sentenced to 100 hours of hard labor the woman who hacked my account of the jealousy of a former lover and placed where information about the gay past. During the investigation it was found that a woman carried out their criminal activities from your home computer that was seized during the search, and subsequently destroyed as an instrument of crime.

Stories of women on the court that her actions were a joke, did not affect the verdict, because such actions violate the Criminal Code and punishable.

A resident of Izhevsk hacked into my account and posted it familiar erotic photos. For a crime he was  assigned to a sentence of imprisonment for 1 year probation 8 months and a fine of 20,000 rubles.

“Crime will also be considered and receive a password from the social networking fraud, for example, by providing the user with a computer that is running at the time of her program, key logger. 

It is important to note that the criminal liability for the offense may be held any person who has attained the age of 16. Children under 16 years of age for criminal responsibility is not involved, but they can be applied to disciplinary training, including placement in a special boarding school, and parents were fined for failure to fulfill responsibilities for the upbringing of a minor, – says Mikhail Salkin – In addition, from prosecution for the offense arises from a conviction of a citizen who is paid a year after the execution of punishment, and, although formally deemed to be canceled, still gives the citizen the inconvenience. This is a denial of credit, and problems with obtaining visas to the foreign state, and problems with employment. “

How do you know that you hacked my account? “Most friends complain that the message came from him, which he did, or there status, which he did not set, – says Alexander Fairly , – in this case, you should check your computer anti-virus, change your password by clicking the “Exit” , and log in again. “

The investigation of such offenses involved the Interior Ministry, so that you can immediately apply to the police department in the near future. For prevention does not prevent to install a good antivirus and update it regularly, to come up with complex passwords for different email and social networks, and to change them, for example, once a month, and possibly still does not use other people’s devices to connect to the Internet. Even if your computer is a loving husband or wife.

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