New Covers for iPhone 5 are Made with 24 Carat Gold and Alligator Skin

New Covers for iPhone 5 are Made with 24 Carat Gold and Alligator Skin 1

If the design of the iPhone 5 already attracts attention by its new “face” on the back, with new covers of Golden Dreams Swiss company will be even more beautiful. The company launched a series of luxury with two cases for the new Apple smartphone. One has 24 carat gold and other leather alligator skin.

The Golden Dreams made ??famous worldwide by releasing a cover for the iPhone 4 or 4S with 4000 diamonds. Now the company strikes again with two more pieces filled with luxury and refinement. They are not yet available for purchase, but users who are interested in news about the accessories can register on a waiting list on the official website of the company .

The case of gold, called “Gold Edition”, can be purchased in two options. Its filling head, of course, is only produced in golden color precious metal. However, in the upper part and also in lower case, it has some details that may be in black or white. The accessory with alligator skin, called “Desert Edition” in turn, is the first to use this type of leather and can be ordered in both black and in brown.

There is still no release date or how much the products will cost. However, it is possible to imagine that they will not be anything cheap.

Via: Luxury Launches


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