First Cooling System for Processors that Made Computer Quietest [Video]

noise_canceling_fanExcept for the latest generation of low-voltage processors, the majority of CPUs used in our computers require a fan to cool them (OK, there are water cooled, but …). Of course, the more work a processor and the higher clocked, the greater the need for cooling, causing the fan to work more so sounds more intense.

This aims to change the Noctua in collaboration with RotoSub, incorporating for the first time a new noise canceling (noise cancellation) of the fans. This prototype system is referred to as “cooling cube” and was recently featured at Computex 2013 , the noise cancellation is achieved through a microphone and speakers.

The microphone receives the sound waves produced by the fan and speakers reproduce out of phase, so as to create a appeal contribution (thanks Michalis Kalogerakis) that significantly reduces the volume. See it in action in the following video:

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