How to Configure an Xbox 360 Controller and PlayStation 3 on Mac

Mac users can enjoy thousands of games available on the Mac App Store and in applications such as Steam. Titles of strategy, adventure, role, driving, action, etc. But what hardware we need for a successful gaming experience? With the arrival of Big Picture to Steam and solutions as Airplay for Apple TV, you can now play full screen our favorite video games, highlighting the lack of controls to play compatible with Mac To do this, since we are going to show how to setup a Xbox 360 controller and PlayStation 3 in OS X .

How to Configure an Xbox 360 Controller and PlayStation 3 on Mac 2

Xbox 360 Controller

For many, the best driver of all consoles of this generation. Fully ergonomic, with pinpoint accuracy, Microsoft has two versions of Xbox 360/PC controller for Windows: wired or wireless . For our tutorial, either we better. What is the difference? Obviously the price and the ability to use it at a distance greater computer, more so when we have this connected to a television screen or transmit the image via Airplay.

First of all, disconnect from the current Xbox 360 console or else, each time you press the button on the remote Xbox this will turn inevitably, having to start over the whole operation. Step by step:

  1. We’ll have to go to the web TattieBogle and download the driver for OS X ‘s command. This application will allow your Mac to recognize the command and use the applications you want. Once downloaded, mount the image and double click on it will click. We will have to follow the instructions of the installer and logearnos with our account managers .
  2. Now connect the command of the Xbox 360 with the cable to the computer. Green lights around the main button will light up and then go off , unlike when connected to the console that always remain on.
  3. Now we have to go to System Preferences , where we find a new configuration menu command. If we click, we will see a new window where you can configure the buttons of our Xbox 360 controller.
How to Configure an Xbox 360 Controller and PlayStation 3 on Mac 3

PlayStation 3 DualShock

My favorite driver . Having tried both the DualShock’s smaller size makes it an ideal control for players with small hands . Besides technology integrated gyroscopes syntax generates a new way to play, but for now, we can not serve it in video games for Mac

As with the Xbox 360, before we have to disconnect from the current PS3 console so that when you press the PS button, not to light it again and repeat all the steps of the process. The procedure is much simpler than the previous one:

  1. We light the Bluetooth on your Mac . addition, go to System Preferences and select the Bluetooth tab, checking the box mode.
  2. Connect using the mini USB DualShock control our Mac and will press for 3 seconds the center PS button . This will begin to glow as if looking for a PlayStation 3 where log.
  3. Soon, we will have to remove the cable and press again for 3 seconds the center button PS. This time there were no lights illuminated on the remote but our Mac and the DualShock will have bonded. On the computer screen jump a new window that will ask for a password to connect the two devices. You’ll have to enter 0000 and press OK .
  4. We’ll have our DualShock controller linked. You see, control lights will not illuminate at any time, as with the command of the Xbox 360. We use it without any driver additional applications like Steam.

Ready! Now you just have to choose the right game to use our hardware and enjoy. For the PlayStation 3 DualShock controller, there are additional applications that can configure the buttons and features of the command, which will be discussed in later entries.

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