Compressor 4 :The Perfect Partner to Control Video Formats for your Apple Devices

Compressor 4-The Perfect Partner to Control the Video Formats for Your Apple Devices

One of the main problems we encounter users of Apple TV is the closure when support video or audio formats. There are ways to bypass this limitation, either by installing Plex media player or Xbox, but many times the device simply can not so common formats today, such as full HD or Matroska. Still have tools from Apple itself, which We help make these videos and Compressor does the job in a fast and easy.

Although we have a very powerful tool, intended for use with Final Cut Pro X, the truth is that we can purchase it separately. This program is highly configurable, allowing us to adjust parameters and values or create work queues with multiple videos being encoded to time. But the truth is that its main asset for the novice user is in the “presets” predefined , as these will enable us, with a simple click, prepare the video for the device you want.

We can take any video and prepare it for viewing on your Apple TV, iPod or iPhone , adding the same program to our iTunes library. If you like video editing, you can also prepare it to Youtube or any other similar service, and automate the process to get it up to your account only. The application slashing forty euros (the famous psychological barrier of € 39.99) an expense not too high if you have an Apple TV and you want a simple to set you Jailbreak making Plex media player or Xbox.


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