Completely Ready Computers in the Size of a Flash Drive

Flash Drive ComputersJust two manufacturers have announced the release of personal computers in the new form factor, comparable in size to a standard flash drive.

Some time ago we have come to know about Android PC System from the company VIA. In the tiny oblong box fit almost full motherboard with the main processor, memory, GPU and other necessary devices. Earlier, the British announced something similar called Raspberry Pi .

And just two companies – Norwegian and Chinese FXI Zero Devices – presented completely ready computers in the size of a flash drive for consumer use.

The first order was called Cotton Candy. Because Russian is translated as “cotton candy”, the operating system Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich (biscuit with ice cream), it looks quite natural. However, the open platform for enthusiasts have the opportunity to work under Ubuntu .

echnical characteristics of the baby is quite serious – the main processor ARM Cortex A9 with a frequency of 1,2 GHz, quad graphics chip ARM Mali-400MP, gigabytes of DRAM and a port for standard flash cards MicroSD. To monitor this system is connected via the 1080-HDMI port and also has a standard USB 2.0 connectors and micro-USB. If you pre-order price for such a computer is about $ 200 , and the first deliveries expected to begin this fall.

Chinese equivalent, as usual, it is cheaper, but it does not mean that much easier. With a price of $ 74 MK802 from Zero Devices equipped polutoragigagertsevym processor. However, memory of 512 Mb, but the OS – the same Android 4. HDMI-connector for high-quality video there and then, says Engadget .

If you sell computers, flash drives start well, we can expect that this class of computing shape in independent sector , such as, for example, tablet PCs or desktops “all-in-one.”

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