Three Common Problems in OS X Lion and How to Fix

Three Common Problems in OS X Lion and How to Fix 1

Lion of my heart that bug you! For some strange reason unknown to me leap to OS X Lion has been unsatisfactory and that during these months I found more headaches with interesting news.

In general the system works correctly, but some functions such as printing simple sometimes resist by configuration problems. In any case, here are three common faults, in my case, OS X Lion and how you can solve without going crazy.

  • Reset the printing system. In the case of having a shared network printer more than one user, certainly in more than one occasion it shows an error message related to the connection of it. My way to fix was resetting the printing system and re-configuring the printer. To do this go to System Preferences, Print & Scan section, right click on the item list and select ” reset printing system “.
  • System starting in safe mode. If you have problems with any extension of the system, unsupported Lion, the easiest way to tell is by starting in safe mode the system, this hold down the shift key during start-up.
  • Happy Lion GUI. For some reason difficult to understand, sometimes after disconnecting an external monitor to my computer refuses to restore the wallpaper and some elements of the interface. The simplest is to reboot the system graph, the simplest is to access the terminal and use the command: ” kill  all Dock “.


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