Coming Soon the “Google Database” and Rises into the Banking Business?

Coming Soon the Google Database and Rises into the Banking Business

Coming Soon the Google Database ?

It is hardly an area where Google is not involved with his projects. The best-known products include the search, Chrome, the Docs, Analytics, the mail service, YouTube, Street View, and of course Android. This is only a small selection from the very impressive offering , and according to some rumors the company is working on another new project.

As computer screen says, it could be a case of a bank like Google. The rumors are not too far-fetched. Finally, the group earned the individual services that are available, also a lot of money and there is the next step to take over the financial management also to themselves, just logical. Thanks to Google Payments Ltd. . The company has already licensed to digital cash transactions, and may thus also carry out appropriate transfers.

For Google , this step would certainly bring many benefits. Five good reasons for a Google Bank provides the IT journalist Dave Davies on the web site Search Engine Watch . Among others, he argues that for the fact that Google’s advertising and better evaluate the way they took the money can understand concrete. Of course, in this way can also close the dealer retain and offer more attractive terms to its customers. Moreover, its own bank would not only benefit the individual services, but Google would receive in the future a more accurate profile of its customers, including the movement of money.

Google Soon Rises into the Banking Business?

George Dyson on the possibility of a Google Bank


Google operates not only the most used by far the Internet search engine, but to offer, in addition numerous other services such as mapping and navigation solutions (Google Maps), street scenes (Google Streetview) and e-mail (Gmail), and Office applications (Google Docs) to -. not to mention the market-leading smartphone operating system Android.

“This offer cloud services for smartphone and PC with its offerings, Google wants the world do not only good, but earn too much money, for example, the in The integrated search engine advertising and promotional services to work with. What (still) missing is a service that handles the flow of money to the group on their own – a bank. In fact, Google already has a license for digital money transfers. The banker Hans Jorg Leichsenring reports in his blog about the fact that the Group ” Google Payments Ltd.. “based in London, operates and is therefore entitled to handle such transfers. Such a license must have also the way services such as PayPal or ClickandBuy.

As I said, these are all just rumors but it should not be surprised if the company really pops on this train.

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