CleanSpace One: A Satellite Cleaner Designed by Switzerland (Video)

CleanSpace One - A Satellite Cleaner Designed by Switzerland (Video)

Most people believe that around the Earth revolves only satellites but the reality is different. Apart from the satellites, however, are in orbit for thousands of space junk.

These pieces of metal have run out various missions as well as debris from conflicts or disasters satellites.This is not something insignificant. Space debris are often hampered by putting satellites at risk. Equally dangerous is the International Space Station.

CleanSpace One - Diagram

So while other countries are planning travel to other planets, Switzerland aims at something more modest, if not, certainly more practical. A satellite that will clean trash them. The logic is a bit primitive but effective.

The satellite will gather the garbage and then it comes together in the atmosphere where it will burn both. So for any rubbish and will need a satellite cleaner. Although this means higher costs for some large and very dangerous waste space, definitely worth it.


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