CES 2013: Smart TV Alliance Brings Panasonic and Technisat on Board

Than Samsung and Sony now includes all major TV manufacturers to Smart TV Alliance

App development on Smart TVs is currently a nightmare for developers: The apps have to be adapted to consuming the incompatible platforms of each manufacturerThat it is counterproductive, now Panasonic and Technisat have viewed: You have founded by TP Vision (ex-Philips), Toshiba and LG Smart TV Alliance connected. That the producers announced on Monday at CES 2013 in Las VegasThe alliance aims to create a multi-vendor standard – so that the apps are not only compatible, but can also be submitted in a single step for the app stores of all participating manufacturers.

Samsung and Sony now includes all major TV manufacturers to Alliance. With the appearance of the Smart TV menu has the standard way to do anything – still the producers Smart TV start menu and App Store Design.The new SDK for the device of the new alliance members to be published soon. It supports both 3D video and MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and more DRM features. An emulator can be used to test if the app is actually running on your own all Alliance devices.

Besides TP Vision (Philips), LG, Toshiba, Panasonic and Technisat, Sharp, IBM, Qualcomm, Specific Media, ABOX42, Obigo and Yume included to the Alliance members.

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