CES 2013: The Smart Plate Track your Diet


The body is a miracle of nature, takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain that you’re full. You did not know to stay away from foods that contain too many calories.┬áBut this innovative new technology – smart plate, made everyone at CES surprised when it overcome the eating┬áproblems that most people face.

HAPIfork (plate of happiness) to gently vibrate when you put food into the mouth and chew slowly, these discs have a set of signals for the purpose of analysis, as well as measuring the amount of food you consume and control energy balance to the digestive system and provides good eating habits for you.

Following is what that HAPIfork analysis:

– ┬álong time to finish a meal

– The number of calories you consume per minute

– The length of time you use the smart plate

After gathering all this information, users download their stats up through a USB, or Bluetooth.Smart Technology is priced at $ 100 and must admit that it has a nice design – especially suitable for those who preferred to use plastic.┬áBut can HAPIfork not a new movement where it will probably become a long-term trend to integrate many other utilities like data collection, meter screen smart steps and sleep.HAPIfork, award-winning engineering, innovative design at CES and it’s just a part of the medical products HAPI, including tracking work and have a watch to monitor your stress levels when sleep.

HAPIfork will be released this spring.


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