CES 2013: Facelift at Nikon’s Compact Cameras

Coolpix S6500 -Image: Nikon

Nikon has Coolpix : Nikon in the CES 2013 unveiled two compact cameras in the Coolpix series. The Coolpix S6500 is the successor to the S6300 and thanks to built-in WiFi allows the upload via smartphone app. An ad-hoc connection can thus Upload to social networks or operate the camera wirelessly. Where the exposure to the selection of an appropriate scene mode or a combination of automatic modes is limited.

The images will record a 1/2 ,3-inch CMOS sensor with 16 megapixels resolution. The 12-times zoom covers a relatively stabilized wide angle starting focal length of 25-300 millimeters from (compared to small format), it shows the screen with f/3.1-6.5 not overly bright. Videos can be with the S6300 in full HD (1920 × 1080) to record at 30 frames per second.

For image control, a 3-inch LCD is built with 460,000 subpixels.


Coolpix-S2700, Image: Nikon

The Coolpix S2700 : It drives with automatic helpers even further. To Smile-Shutter is joined by Blink Proof, Skin softening and Best Shot Selector. The latter automatically selects a series of ten shots from the strongest possible terms. If the result is advised, for example, a portrait shot, too sharp, can be applied retroactively a glamor retouching.

In the technical specifications, the camera delivers rather unspectacular: The typical small compact cameras are 16 megapixel CCD sensor for recording images housed. The 12-times zoom offers a small image equivalent focal range of 26-156 mm (f/3.5-6.5). A manual selection of exposure settings is not possible, instead the S2700 offers 19 scene modes. Videos are in HD resolution (1280 × 720) recorded at 30 frames per second. The LCD display is 2.7-inch Bildiagonale a resolution of 230,000 sub-pixels.

Both cameras will be in early February in six different colors available on the market.The S6500 and S2700 for 220 euros to 110 euros.

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