CES 2013: Archos Android Saddled onto TV


Archos presented at CES 2013 its Android smart TV solution called TV connect.The box is equipped with a dual-core CPU with 1.5 GHz and runs with Android 4.1. It is – like a webcam on a notebook – just hitched to the top edge of the TV. Via Ethernet or WLAN it can connect to the network. The internal 8-gigabyte memory can be via micro SDHC slot to expand up to 32 GB. The Archos TV connect an HD camera and microphone are integrated for video calling – Status LEDs indicate an incoming video calls while watching TV.

“Connect the Archos TV” is connected via HDMI to the TV and can play videos in full HD resolution. About Google Play you can download any apps or access to Google’s video-on-demand service. With the delivery is a special remote control with gyro and two analog thumb sticks that can be used to emulate touch gestures.According to Archos, the TV on the controller should be as intuitive to operate as a tablet. Additional gaming keys are absorbed for more fun.Archos provides specially an app that allows the games can assign functions to the buttons. Connect the Archos TV will be available for € 150 from February.

The video demonstrates  “TV Touch Remote” works.


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