Canon has Released a Digital Camera for Fans to Photograph Stars

Canon has Released a Digital CameraCanon has introduced a version of the mirror EOS 60D digital camera for astrophotography, reports Engadget. The model is called 60Da.

Between the sensor and the lens at the 60Da is a low-pass filter, which transmits more radiation in the red spectral region. 60Da is three times more sensitive to radiation with a wavelength of 656.28 nm (the spectral line of H-alpha) than the 60D, says Canon. This allows the distinct images of nebulae and other astronomical objects.

60Da can be used for everyday photography, but due to the nature of color filters in the photographs would be more “warm” than the 60D.

Like the 60D, the new camera is equipped with a 18-megapixel CMOS-matrix format APS-C, has a Digic 4 processor and supports viewing of the LCD screen, LiveView. The range of sensitivity of both cameras is from 100 to 6400 scale ISO.

The camera goes on sale in April at a price of 1499 U.S. dollars.Introduced in 2010 on the 60D is $ 500 cheaper.

Canon EOS 60Da was not the first “big camera” Canon astrophotography for amateurs. In 2005, the Japanese manufacturer released a 8.2-megapixel Canon EOS 20Da, intended for the same purpose as the 60Da.


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