A Brush to Give More Power to the Tablets (Video)

A brush to give more power to the tabletsNomad Brush
 allows you to create different digital artwork smartphones andtablets. It comes in different versions and can be used with several apps. It was introduced at Macworld.

The revolution in stomp tablets also in the arts. Now, create a work of art can also be part of the experience touch.

With accessories like the Nomad Brush , a brush specially designed for tablets and smartphones with touch technology, the screens of these devices will become a blank canvas on which artists and hobbyists can create digital paintings that wish .

The central concept of this instrument is in tune with the spirit tablets and portable smartphones, according to its creator, Don Lee, an American artist and architect.

The “nomadic brush,” as it translates into Spanish the name of the instrument, seeks to reflect the theme of the product, ” anywhere paint “(paint where you want), which points to the ease with which the user can get to create their work art in any place and time , as you just need a brush and tablet, nothing more.

The Nomad Brush goes almost unnoticed at first, because its exterior is similar to a normal brush, a thin, elongated handle with bristles at the tips. However, these bristles are made ??of a mixture of natural and artificial conductive fibers that used on the touch pad of the tablet or smartphone , work together and not individually, leaving a single mark at a time, as you would any brush on a canvas.

The Nomad Brush works with different applications specially designed for this purpose, as ArtRage, procreative, Zenbrush, SketchBook Pro, among others, which can be downloaded from prices starting from u $ s2.99. These applications complement the experience of using Nomad Brush, and which are contributed by different colors, patterns and textures in brush strokes.

The possibilities with this brush are virtually endless, from simple doodles to paintings complex with different textures and styles, all you can paint with the Brush Nomad, although he has criticized its use for detailed paintings is somewhat limited (although you can adjust the zoom to work better).

It also has different versions that allow different types of paint: is short or long bristle with double tip that combines the two long bristle at each end and for children with larger grip and colors . They can be purchased through their website and prices start at $ s18 and go up to $ S39.


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