Brewster: Contact Manager for iPhone 5

Brewster: Contact Manager for iPhone 5 2

The iPhone contact managers are varied, and while some offer a well-designed organization others try to connect all your contacts from your social networks. Moreover Brewster is a contact manager that manages both supporting the contacts social networking in a comfortable and nice where you can find all the people you need.

Contact Managers for iPhone

Previously we analysed some contact managers as tacts and Smartr offering somewhat organizing contacts in a comfortable and varied. Moreover also combining contacts from different accounts.

These two contact managers for iPhone are very complete and if we add the latter to add then the offer is quite wide so you can choose your preference you want to use in your everyday life.

Brewster for iPhone

The main feature of this contact manager for iOS is that it can create a contact list combining the different social networks and Internet services you use. Thus in one place you can store all contacts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four-square and Gmail.

To use Brewster is required to access Facebook and Twitter through the application, the other sites are optional. With this amount of information provided by social networks manager is prepared to offer a view through photographs of all contacts .

Added to this choice of the view type contacts allows filters to create separate contacts for example through its location.

Creating a Wish List is also possible and added to this the application warns us if we lost or we have not had contact with any of these people for some time.

Brewster is a free application available for iPhone and iPod and can download it now from App Store . I invite you to try it and tell us your experience.

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