Biggest IT Flops of the Year 2012

The fact that things happen quickly in the technology world, you know. Here are some of the biggest flops so far this year.

Biggest IT Flops of the Year 2012 2

It is easy to get excited about “the next big thing” in the technology world. Unfortunately, it is very often these things are nothing but a failure. In the technology world is moving ever so quickly that most people forget about all the failures that come and go. Here are some of the biggest flops of the year. 

Facebook listing 

When Facebook went public inMay 18 was the company’s shares first at $ 38, and the company was valued at 104 billion dollars. A relatively high score given that the company had a turnover of only 3.7 billion in 2011. It is therefore not surprising that the IPO flopped. At the time of Facebook’s shares worth $ 26.90, down $ 11.10 from the opening bid.


The controversial bill sweep would allow courts to issue blocks of the entire Internet domains if they are suspected of promoting copyright infringement. Following protests from a number of large websites and enterprises have the bill now skyfflats under the carpet indefinitely.


Path is a social network for smart phones that allow you to share your information with your closest friends. In February, they discovered that the Path is also collecting your phone’s contact list and sent it to the company’s servers. Although Path was not the only company that did this, the social network had it especially hard to win back the trust of users.


Although Blu-ray has been around for about six years, still dominate the entertainment industry and storage of DVDs. However, there may be a change in the future. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft will no longer offer streaming movies from DVDs in Windows Media Center. Do you want it you have to pay extra or use another program.

Employers want to see your Facebook Account 

Although there are not as common in Sweden, it has happened repeatedly in the U.S., employers are required to obtain credentials for a job applicant Facebook account. The somewhat bizarre statement got lawyers to respond and now it is forbidden to question employees about the information in several U.S. states.

Google Wallet

Wireless payments with the help of the NFC chips as it relies on for a long time, and it does not look as if 2012 will be the year it takes effect. Google has tested its mobile payment solution Google Wallet for some time, but the project has been dogged by both security and technological constraints.

Playstation White

Sony’s highly anticipated hand-game console PlayStation White was released in the U.S. on February 22. Despite positive reviews, it sold less than expected and the question is disposed of game consoles have no chance in a world of smart phones and thousands of games at low prices.


For Mac Trojans, it now looks as if they have to bite the apple. Trojan Flashback showed that even OS X can be affected by malicious applications on a larger scale.Reports that over 600,000 Macs infected with a trojan, and over 100,000 Macs are still infected. Tell me the happiness that lasts.

Siri celebrates Nokia

Siri is Apple’s personal digital assistant that comes with the iPhone 4s and respond to ordinary speech. In a few weeks, said Siri, however, not quite as Apple intended. When asked what was the world’s best smartphone, said Siri, “Nokia Lumia 900”After the answer has Siri now calibrated to give the following answers to the same question: “You hold it.”

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