Beware, these are the Most Dangerous to use Your iPhone

Beware, these are the Most Dangerous to use Your iPhone 1

I can not resist sharing a small infographic which shows percentages of zones and most typical accidents that can end the “life” of our iPhone . SquareTrade has collected a series of data that has made ??a number of the less curious statistics.

When we are at home the kitchen is the place with the highest percentage for a disaster occursIt build different risk factors as liquids (water, soft drinks, …) and the possibility that we can drop it to move other objects, etc …

Then comes the living room. Leaving the iPhone on the couch and when we can find no dip, then got up, moving some cushions and wham! the ground . The remote control does not know whether to laugh or sorry because he’s used to this accident already. Then there’s the bathroom, the bedroom and while driving. This latter case it should not even appear because we do not use the phone while driving.

Finally we see some percentages of liquids have more importance when it comes to upsetting the functioning of the iPhone . And a curious thing, by accident usually happens away on your Apple. At 5% the washer. Imagine going around and around inside with all that water and detergents. Normal then not work and if it does we know why it is unable to give the exact location in the Maps application. WC also have a destination not pleasant to finish inside.

I hope none of you even think any of these accidents, it is more that you can think of any kind. I do recognize that in the kitchen has been dropped, but mostly on the couch. Yes, the toilet and of course the machine is clear that neither approach.


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