ASUS Plans to Become the First Holders of Jelly Bean

ASUS Plans to Become the First Holders of Jelly BeanOnly a few months of sales Samsung Galaxy Nexus – the first smartphone running on OS Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich has collected a lot of positive feedback. But recently it became known that Google has been developing a new platform version 5.0. And as it leaves the plan in the autumn of this year (although initially it was reported that a significant event happens in the summer), the search giant is looking for a company-buyer.

List of candidates for the new miracle of technology has opened the notorious ASUS. Vice-President of the Chinese company told the reporters a major American site that ASUS has a good chance the first to receive this product. He has high hopes for good relations between the companies, and believes that they will contribute to the plans of the company.

The code name for the new OS Jelly Bean (traditionally corresponds to the name of a dessert. In this case, in honor of jelly beans). The first rumors of it appeared in September last year, but now the information is officially confirmed. In addition, already know something about the new product from Google. Thus, the new version of Android will be focused on tablet devices, and they can switch between operating systems without shutting down the device. This is a real breakthrough in technology. We look forward to fall.

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