Apple`s UltraThin 15″ Mac Notebook Near to Complete

According to information gathered in MacRumors, it seems that Apple is currently in final testing phase of a 15 “ultra-slim Mac notebook ax when silence is 13” plastic MacBook just last week in favor of Air eleven.6 “MacBook because it is basic, entry-level portable Mac, it seems that Jobs and company are already trying to fill the void left by his departure.

Apple`s UltraThin 15" Mac Notebook Near to Complete

Apple has created several changes in its line of MacBook in recent years, and hence the popularity of the MacBook Air has shown signs of changing the disappearance of the plastic-ky-style low-end MacBook. The MacBook Air, Steve Jobs described as “the way forward for laptops,” was marketed as a medium to high range of products, however, has been very normal and, as such, has now sealed his place in the current Main Market, with costs falling as low as $ 999.

Because of its success, and continue the trend that thinner is better, currently expected that the features of planning can begin to air soon extended to professionals, making an additional uniform MacBook vary. it is believed that Apple could end the professional optical drive in order to adapt to a more thin across the board, instead of choosing the integrated SSD. The Cupertino based company mainly has already shown that he is happy to dispense with physical media with the recent release of its latest Mac mini, which has no optical drive.

Actually, it’s smart about the obvious need for Apple to all around its center of online shops. Currently, the only way a rookie will have the Mac operating system – OS X Lion – is through the Mac App Store, and thereafter, which is trying to further and others like Apple is very interested in joining this provision downloading of software, instead of buying physical permanent.

To add in a few easy word, we tend to believe that Apple will launch a 15-inch MacBook would be something possible, taking into account Apple MacBook kill sensitive target. Replacing the MacBook line-up professionals with a MacBook Air-ish style and powerful hardware to really build a lot of sense, maybe that’s just us.

Source [MacRumors]


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