Apple Really Wanted to “Kill” Google

Apple 1Apple is really starting a war “fusion” with Google. Google and other ancillary businesses are associated with its search business. Apple is doing everything possible to iOS to reduce the importance of Google search on its mobile devices.

Apple is engaged in the business local search with a new map application

Apple has officially said goodbye to Google Maps. Apple has partnered with Yelp, a rival of Google, to improve the list of local places in the application of Apple’s new map.

This kind of local search is a very important role for Google. If Apple “attacked with nuclear weapons” in this type of search in Safari on the iPhone, Google will have very little “earth” in the mobile advertising business.Apple 2

Apple has started working with Facebook. Facebook has been integrated on IOS 6.

This does not hurt Google as other strategies, but it still makes Google’s vigilance.

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