Five Things, You do Not like in Apple TV

Five Things, You do Not like in Apple TV 1

The Apple TV is a device that generates many questions . It really is difficult to know the extent to which a user will be able to use it and if the It costs 112 euros or may not be a good bet.

Therefore, we will try to give reasons that help us determine whether or not to buy the Apple TV. As the easiest to remember the negative to the positive, let’s start with the five negative points for not buying the Apple TV .

  • It supports only files compatible with iTunes. It is possibly the most points subtracted. Most downloaded Internet files or shared with us rarely use that format. Therefore, to reproduce we will require a previous conversion.
  • iTunes always active . The content you want to access must be in our iTunes library to access it.If we have music on your computer or in any other folder movies we can not see them if not available from iTunes.
  • Not play streaming content from services or sites not authorized by Apple. Only Apple incorporates channels like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Despite the connector USB can not connect any storage drive USB . Thus, independently of content playback is limited to the iTunes Store and allowed channels.
  • Only if you live in the United States take advantage of the 100% all the best.

As you can see, these are the five limitations or negative aspects of my least favorite Apple TV and can be more than enough to not opt ??for your purchase.


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