Apple Changes Significantly the Position of the Escape Device

Apple Changes Significantly the Position of the Escape Device

DMAC (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) by U.S. Copyright Office was amended in 2010 in terms of the exemption, recognized the legality of the jailbreak iOS devices, but Apple said the jailbreak iPhone this behavior is not legitimate. They said the jailbreak would infringe the copyright, and clearly pointed out that their mobile operating system to prevent users to make changes. While Apple has made a serious statement, but EFF will escape this behavior listed in the DMCA exemption on the list, escaped in 2010 in the United States to become a lawful act. 

iPhone jailbreak behavior of an exemption clause will expire this year, however, so the EFF to the public again request their support for the escape , to ensure that the escape behavior is still protected by the exemption clause of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In addition, EFF is also an effort to escape game consoles and flat panel devices into legal behavior. U.S. Copyright Office before the announcement from the public view of the escape device, a total of more than 700 people to express their own views, many of whom are from Sony, the CTIA, as well as Saurik depth analysis. 

Saurik and muscular pointed out that the accident is that Apple has not yet released to the U.S. Copyright Office Prison Break view the last Apple strongly opposed to jailbreak legalize different, the apple’s position changes. Apple’s position changes in the formation of such a huge contrast, but also innovative because of the jailbreak community development. 

The media that the EFF is expected this year will legitimize the behavior of the escape tablet, but to escape video game and legitimize may not be so easy. Which the greatest resistance is to Sony, Sony had to sue the PS3 hacker GeoHot entire fail0verflow team of copyright infringement, the submission of nearly 60 documents elaborate on why should not escape the legalization of video game equipment. 


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