Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 and the Beta of OS X 10.8.3


Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 and the Beta of OS X 10.8.3 as updates to the world of Apple: The traditional weekly day of news – most of the new goods with Apple was presented on Tuesday – Apple has decided to release two small but important upgrade. It is a version of iOS 6 specification for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini and the new beta of OS X , the latter with significant rumors for Mac Pro.

Details About  iOS 6.0.2 and the Beta of OS X 10.8.3

iOS 6.0.2 is an update designed to solve minor problems for iPhone 5 and the highly popular iPad Mini . Apple does not provide a lot of information but it is known that the build has been designed to eliminate a bug that could cause a malfunction for WiFi connectivity. Given the limited upgrade on only two last iDevice of Apple, it is assumed that iOS 6.0.1 has resulted in instability in the management of Qualcomm chipset / Broadcom, those chosen by the company both for connections that 3/4G for WiFi networks. To install the update, simply connect the device to iTunes or perform a download over-the-air , from the ” Software Update “in the” General “of iOS . Has not yet been declared, a release date for iOS 6.1 : The fourth beta was delivered to developers Monday.

OS X 10.8.3 is the third update for Mountain Lion , one of the operating systems most successful for desktops and laptops.Officially, this beta has no changes from the previous one, since it also shares the build number: 12D43 . It seems that Apple has distributed to the developer only to enable new functions to download through the Mac App Store, but in fact there seem to be many revelations indirect and cryptic to be taken into account. First of all, the confirmation of support for graphics cards AMD Radeon 7000, seen by many as a sign of the imminent arrival of a new Mac Pro . As mentioned in a previous article, this powerful GPU is not suitable for the shape and performance design of the Mac Mini and iMac, for which exclusion can not be the prerogative of the great computer from Apple. Tim Cook a few months ago he assured the forthcoming arrival of a revised and powerful Mac Pro, after protests and uninteresting for the last upgrade, spent virtually muted. The new desktop may arrive in the early months of 2013, although we do not expect a special keynote for his presentation.

About OS 6.0.2 and the Beta of OS X 10.8.3 official release

The beta has long been marked with the words “no known issues” (no known problem), could be the final before the official release to the general public, which could come in the first week of January. Unless Apple decides to do a round of OS 6.0.2 and the Beta of OS X 10.8.3  during the Christmas holidays.


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