Apple Opens a FAQ Section for all Products

Apple Opens a FAQ Section for all Products

A new section called ” Answers from the community ” was the terminus in the final hours on the pages relating to the products offered by Apple at its online store. This is a tool with which the Cupertino company will offer more support to its customers, providing them with a range of useful information on one page , probably inspired in many cases the information posted on their support forums.

Available for now only in English, the new section will also allow users to respond to frequently asked questions , thus restoring their experience and representing the main source of information for those who are seeking answers to their questions. Each of the Product shall own FAQ section, with a box that will do a quick search for any content already available about the same topic that interests you.

On the left is a navigation menu is available by which you can explore the different categories into which the selected questions were divided by Apple, with the latest in sight. The new idea brought forth by Cupertino may therefore represent a useful support for customers, who can quickly find online answers to your questions before opening a new thread at the official forum or go to the Apple Store near you.


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