Apple Wants to Make an iPad Textbook

Apple Wants to Make an iPad Textbook

Currently being held in New York a Special Event dedicated to education. 

Phil Schiller who is currently present a new strategy for Apple, which aims to make the iPad textbooks. To this end, Apple introduced two iBooks which is intended to make reading more comfortable in these manuals. The application will be available today.

New software called iBooks Author is specially designed for the creation of interactive textbooks. The Applicaltion is described pretty much (though not in form) as “creating an electronic manual for dummies.” 

Note that something may go wrong from the publishers. Apple highlights the possibility of updates without paying. But these publishers win big with every change of programs or content. So there is little chance that they offer free updates for an unlimited time for their products. Note, in exchange, this system will kill the second hand market … 

Note that as a parent always surprised by the weight of a binder, this initiative is certainly good even if it does that, above all for Apple to sell more tablets and take a comfortable margin on these manuals.Remains to be seen how these will be managed parks iPad and especially what will happen in case of theft of the tablet, is something outstanding losqu’il textbooks.

One can also assume that there will be a way to block the other functions of the iPad story that does not end up in the network part in the class! 

The system is complemented by iTunes U will allow students to download lectures and interact with their teachers.


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