Apple Intends to Hire New Officers for Cloud Computing

Apple is Hiring for Cloud Development

Apple intends to hire new officers to be placed in the branch of the company for the cloud to strengthen its presence in the digital cloud.

Apple’s interest against the “cloud” is getting stronger.┬áAfter the launch of icloud, followed weeks later by iTunes Match, the group of Cupertino plans to strengthen its internal structure┬áto include recruiting new managers within the organization company┬áin the field related to the cloud┬á.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, in fact, Apple would be looking for new leading figures useful to strengthen its presence in the world of cloud computing, to set up a long-term road-map that can put the bitten apple a leader. Some interviews were therefore already been incurred, while other candidates would have received in these days of precise indications that the group claims the new California employees who intend to take shortly.

Among the requirements set by the company prior experience in the field of web-based applications, thus confirming the desire to create new software solutions that can reduce the amount of information stored directly in memory devices through the use of Apple servers . The investment by over $ 1 billion to build a data center from 46 thousand square meters, for that matter, needs to be exploited to their full potential to deliver a better service to users of the bitten apple.

Behind the scenes of this new round of recruitment will then be the hand of Tim Cook, the new CEO of the group of Cupertino is aware of the importance of cloud computing in the technology landscape of today and especially tomorrow, and it aims to set up a teams that would allow Apple to be always in the forefront of the industry, offering innovative solutions and addressing the world of cloud in the direction of fit.

 Source: CNET


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