Apple Intelligent Table “iDesk”: The Concept of Apple Surface

Apple Intelligent Table iDesk- The Concept of Apple Surface

For all we know Apple does not seem to be developing anything like the Samsung SUR40 , the multitouch computer table based on the Microsoft Surface we tested at CES. But there are people like  Adam Benton  who like to fantasize and conceptual design products like this iDesk .

The iDesk is a digital console which uses a multi-touch screen as a surface in which to display information, widgets and tools. iDesk is also able to recognize objects placed above and interact with them or with the information they contain. Besides a minimalist design, the most interesting type of interface would be integrated and of course the possible integration of a kind assistant Siri. On my desk reminds me of TRON Dillinger (the original of course).



If Apple pull out a come-style table surface legless style vesa adapter for cinema display. Each leg would cost € 200 and come in a beautiful white cardboard box with the “dogma designed in California.” Of course a few years before Apple would have bought all Canadian lumber to avoid stock tubiera competition. When the network came on the market would be filled with rumors of a second version of a blog by Asian origin show a steel plate of a course model.

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