How Apple Could Improve the iMac?

How can you improve something that is almost perfect? ??That’s the big question that haunts my head since it was first rumoured a new iMac model can improve the current generation while adding new features that appeal to return the equipment I never lost.

How Apple Could Improve the iMac? 1

What can be improved in an iMac ? And we all things come to mind on how we could improve the iPhone, even some laptop models the company … but the iMac?

Personally I feel fortunate to have been lucky to have used all iMac models released to date, less the original model. All had the odd point but overall improved machines were wonderful.

  • iMac G3. It was the beginning of the series, a computer that broke the mold with its design and also made clear that the floppy had died forever.
  • iMac G4. With its iconic design marked a before and after in the industrial design of their computers.
  • G5/CD/C2D iMac. In this third version of the company decided to completely remove the computer and its components to be integrated into the back of the screen.
  • ALU iMac. Surely the less representative changed, but the new finish (keeping design) has kept pretty well in almost 5 years at the market.

Teams that have known them all your way mark a before and after in the Mac range and although the team has never been Multiventas Apple (laptops there take the advantage) has always been the most iconic model of the company . As we return to the question above: what we can change to improve it?

New iMac, a new challenge

Personally I do not expect to see a radical change in the design of it , it seems that Apple is satisfied with the current style of their teams, so I think that the next generation of iMacs we will see improvements based on technologies and design device.

  • Improvements in its display . If the rumours do not fail, it seems that one of the major improvements of the next iMac will be centered on your screen. We are not talking only about the rumours of a possible model Retina (at this point the fact is I would not know if this rumour claim) is rumoured to be the next team to integrate a glass screen included in the LCD . At present, the glass surrounding iMacs screen is superimposed on the monitor LCD leaving a gap between both quite visible, that regardless of the problem when repairing the terminal (remove the glass needed to access interior). Integrate glass and LCD we provide some advantages, on the one hand to improve access to the device inside the other parts reduce and therefore failure points but mainly reduce the separation between the two parts to improve the lateral viewing angles.
  • Less weight, less frame, less thickness . It seems clear that each generation iMac with the team suffers liposuction reducing equipment but increases your screen. Personally I do not care the size issue in a desktop but if there are two details that could be improved. For one part of the device is somewhat exaggerated and although it has been reduced over time, if the rumors are true this new screen, this would be a much more stylized and with a much smaller frame would not have to bear the glass . My real complaint is physical team in terms of the same weight . The team of 27 inches with a weight of 14 kg, a real stupidity by all accounts (the table I had to replace bent gives a good account of it), it sounds silly but I’ve never come to understand that there has been a little care more detail in this model.
  • Intended for the user. In every generation of iMac memory change RAM has been child’s play that anyone can make, but the change of HDD or hard disk can become a real craze . Just as in some Apple notebook models that detail the most care, would be welcome the company to make the effort to improve access to that component. Currently an iMac with problems on your hard disk is resolved in most cases with a bill of 400 euros from an authorized dealer.
  • Loading surface. This is one of the things that Apple does not plan to integrate ever, but it would be very great if the iMac integrate a load surface at its base . This could place the Magic Mouse and keyboard when we do not use them to charge the battery induction thereof. In the updated no device that perform this same function, but it would be much better if it was integrated into the computer itself.

As you can see I’m content with little, the current iMac and love really are not many things I would change this team. Do you? What do you ask the new iMac?


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