Apple is One of Three Highly Profitable Companies in the World

Apple Opens a FAQ Section for all ProductsApple has promoted very quickly in the list of top 500 largest companies by Fortune magazine, ahead of computer maker IBM.An array of revenue, Apple “landing” at No. 17, up from 35th position in 2011 “only” with 106.9 billion.

Blue-chip technology IBM has fallen to No. 19, with revenue 2011doanh 106.9 billion.

Apple is on No. 3 in earnings ($ 25 billion), just behind the two oil giants Exxon and Chevron.Apple also beat IBM, the company ranked No. 9 in the rankings of highly profitable companies in the world.

Microsoft also did not “less competitive” when placed immediately after Apple with the No. 4 ($ 23, $ 1 billion) but only ranked 37th in total annual revenue.


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