Apple will Expand Electronic Commerce on IOS

Apple will Expand Electronic Commerce on IOS 2

The Fancy is an application for viewing and payment directly on iPhone or iPad with a single touch. Furthermore, users can post what they like as a blog. The Fancy The 10% fee on each order.

This is what Apple is missing the IOS operating system. Even with the latest IOS version 6, brings similar applications tenPassbookcung not really useful without that direct spending on equipment.

Application development company has recently attracted much attention from investors with $ 10 million are “pouring” in order to continue to expand, while the value of The Fancy has been rated 100 million USD. Relationship with Apple, CEO “Apple” Tim Cook has created an account in The Fancy and talked with Jim Einhorn CEO of this company.

In the history of Apple, it has been repeatedly successful acquisition of smaller projects and to integrate on their products. For example, most recently in 2011, Apple’s business success has led to the introduction of ” intelligent assistant “ Siri, one of the main features on the iPhone 4S.

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