Apple Configurator: The New Configuration Tool for iOS (Download)

Apple Configurator - Download The New Configuration Tool for iOS

Although Apple already had a long time with the Configuration Tool Profiles for iOS , this was a technical rather high and in many cases was more designed for developers for simple users or medium enterprises.

That is why Apple has launched a new configuration tool called Apple Configurator (really original) that can download from the Mac App Store and while the intent is similar to that of the original tool, the application has little or nothing to do with appearance and operation.

This software is divided into three different depending on the task of management that we want to do, “Preparation of devices” to perform a basic configuration of the same, “Monitoring device” to control all the computers in our organization and “Assign Device “to create configuration profiles for each user.

The application has a really simple interface and operation is as simple as they have missed quite a few options “complicated” but unnecessary in most cases. The application can manage up to 30 devices connected to it and time and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for free .

Download Link: Mac App Store

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