Apple Buys “Chomp Application Finder” for App Store Research

Apple Buys Chomp Application Finder for App Store Research

Apple has acquired a small Chomp , start-up success that has shown all its worth by acting in harmony with the App Store in Cupertino. The team of Tim Cook has clearly recognized the quality of service and team work and therefore decided to measure the full ownership (which rarely action the group has done, historically preferring to develop their own technologies in use instead of purchasing experience and product external).

The App Store is a project of undisputed success, now close to 25 billion today and download one of the key drivers of financial statements of the company founded by Steve Jobs. But the very immensity of the marketplace betrays a first major problem: the amount. In the welter of applications emerging every single day and the redundancy of proporste, in fact, you may lose the thread of what is and what should be selected. Chomp is thus an element which fits perfectly into this record, bringing in Apple a function of cataloging, analysis and research before a panel of Cupertino today need safe. A sort of guide in the marketplace, in short: a real search engine that will allow you to easily access the app you need to express.

Apple has not issued any details about the operation, merely unofficial confirmations: emerged as the total outlay would be about $ 50 million , thus rewarding the funds collected to date (2.5 million approximately from Ron Conway, Aydin Senkut , David Lee, Auren Hoffman, Brian Pokorny and BlueRun Ventures) by a team come to understand about 20 people (from now on all intended to operate under the control of Cupertino). Chomp is also a ubiquitous search engine, because you can also be searched on marketplace Android: this function may soon be removed, thus concentrating all resources on the App Store only in the two segmentations of the apple iPhone and iPad.

Via: Business Week


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