Apple Has Just Broken the Threshold of 400 Billion Dollars of Capitalization

Apple Has Just Broken the Threshold of 400 Billion Dollars of Capitalization

Fresh of the announcements made during the event in New York ( iBooks  2 and Author iBooks ) that Apple has just broken the threshold of 400 billion dollars of capitalization . It is the first time that Cupertino reach this goal and despite a few hours after you reported is around 398 billion, is a rising really important for a company that continues to grind after hit after hit, both in terms of products that purely financial.

The shares of Apple are modest rise in Wall Street , it gained 0.15% and reached $ 431 per title , a new record company in this direction. To make a comparison, however, Exxon – the most important company in the world – has a market capitalization of 417 billion dollars.

Apple is approaching the peak continuously and if financially continue on these levels could again be leading the company in 2012 as it was in 2011. Some people like CNN Money pointed out that, with a market capitalization of about $ 400 billion, Apple is worth more than the gross domestic product (GDP) of Greece, Argentina, Austria and South Africa.

They make very good idea of the comparisons made by CNN, which indicates that those who had enough money to buy all the shares on the stock market Apple could also buy all the silver produced in the world for 13 years or repeat for 2 and a half times the Apollo missions , or buy ten times all the teams playing in the NFL, fight 5 times the American Civil War or even buy all the gold of the Federal Reserve : curious comparisons that do understand how the value of Cupertino today.

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