Apple “Black Friday” Discounts Detail

The Black Friday is the day when, in the United States, you start thinking about Christmas gifts. Whether or not a day of shopping, it is more or less hidden behind an urban myth by statistically proven fragile. This is the day that comes after Thanksgiving: purchases after the party, mostly online.

Apple Black Friday Discounts Detail

In Italy Black Friday is adopted as the usual derivation of the USA, must be getting a day of great opportunity. Apple wanted to launch a day so attractive discounts, which almost horizontally across the entire range of products of the group, will allow you to access (only for a day) to offers of great attractiveness.

It starts from the ‘ iPad 2 for a day reduced from 484 to 448 euros : the saving of 36 euros can be further increased if one adds a Smart Cover, which drops by 11 euros, thus allowing an overall saving of EUR 47 . The iPod Touch drops from 199 to 178 euros (-21 million), while the iPod Nano goes from 139 to 128.01 euros (-10.99 EUR). Mac is on the line saving of 91 euros per unit : the MacBook Air goes from 957 to 866 euros, the MacBook Pro from 1149 to 1058 euros and the iMac from 1158 to 1067 euros.Instead, there were no bids for the purchase of the iPhone.

One of the most interesting offers’ day expected to be 364 days “is related to Time Capsule 3TB, which goes from 483 to 438 euros (-45 million). 11 euros, however, the saving in the Magic Trackpad, Apple wireless Mighty Mouse or Keyboard. Also available as a Christmas present also the curious gift card: 50 euros 45 euros to have good spending on the group’s musical marketplace Cupertino.

The Apple website offers a range of additional discounts on various accessories: cases, holders, chargers, docks and more. All this, however, with a timeline: Discounts are valid only for today, November 25. Just for today, Black Friday.

Source: Apple 


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