Apple Adds New Storage Options on the iMac: SSD of 256 or 512 GB

iMac-Apple-storag-options-SSDSurprise in the range of iMac : now all in one desktop Apple has extended its offer storage options for Storage SSD of 256 or 512 GB . That is, we can now choose between a traditional hard drive 1 TB, a disc SSD of 256 or 512 GB or Fusion Drive 1 or 3 TB. And we can choose it in all sizes and configurations of the computer.

It is the first time that this type of disk SSD pure and simple leaves the company laptops with this size more affordable, since the previous range of iMac offered it but only with 768 GB of storage and prohibitively expensive for most . the option SSD 256 GB is only 50 euros more expensive than the Fusion Drive 1TB , which attract many buyers who choose more performance before more capacity.

Apple is doing this because the Fusion Drive is not succeeding? The disc SSD of 256 GB additional costs 300 euros, a price that bends with the SSD of 512 GB. It is still somewhat expensive and the Fusion Drive has “only” 128 GB of SSD available, but that the user has more to choose from.Oh, and we have reached an important point: now all Mac storage can have a SSD of 256 GB for a more reasonable price than a year ago. Gradually, the magnetic hard disk is left behind at Apple.

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