AnimateLockscreen : Animated images on the iPhone lock Screen

AnimateLockscreen : Animated images on the iPhone lock Screen 1

Generally buyers purchase Apple products for their aesthetic beauty, high functionality and great support. However there is one of three things which largely depend on us: aesthetics.AnimateLockscreen is an application for jailbroken iPhone and iPod that lets you take pictures with animations on the screen of an iDevice blocked .

IPhone Aesthetics

If anything we should respect within the Mac world is the constant effort to make work, applications, products and upgrades with better graphics-both in quality and quantity.

Not only does the company on the block dies and is reborn each day with bright ideas about the aesthetics of their devices but also many independent developers give life to this world that is becoming more perfectly simulates reality.

AnimateLockscreen : Animated images on the iPhone lock Screen 2


Animations on iPhone screen

If you have a jailbroken iPhone you may know that there are hundreds of applications to modify the IOS operating system . One of the many ways you can add a fee more beauty to your iDevice is this application called AnimateLockscreen .

With AnimateLockscreen can put animated images and configure them according to your taste so that they appear on the screen when the phone is locked. Something that certainly adds taste to your iDevice.

AnimateLockscreen : Animated images on the iPhone lock Screen 3


Once you install the application can go to the settings panel where you can choose from a database the animation you want and to modify some of its parameters.

In addition, we also have options to hide the battery icon appears on your screen. In addition to the possibility of hiding or leave the battery can resize it and into position to achieve the best possible control.

AnimateLockscreen has a value of $ 1 but once they see the capabilities of the application will realize that it is more than acceptable. If you know the application I invite you to share your experience with us and if it can not know the AnimateLockscreen download from TheBigBoss .


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