AMD Opteron 6200: First CPU Server with 16 Cores in the World

AMD Opteron 6200- First CPU Server with 16 Cores in the WorldThe Sunnyvale chipmaker announces the World`s First server processors consisting of 16 cores.

After having launched the primary eight-core processors of the FX series, the Sunnyvale chipmaker doubles with CPU Opteron 6200 , primarily based on the design at Interlagos sixteen cores and dedicated to computationally intensive applications. the primary chips are employed in servers from Acer, Cray, Dell and HP.

AMD then reaches another milestone, giving unprecedented processing power. Increase the amount of cores per processor includes not solely performance enhancements [up to half hour over the Opteron 6100], however conjointly helps to scale back the area occupied by the server, constant computing power, and increase potency energy.

The 5 Opteron 6200 models have a frequency between 1.6 and 2.6 GHz, TDP values ??between eighty five and a hundred and forty watts, and costs between 523 and $ 1019. The design comes from Interlagos Bulldozer , that the sixteen cores are divided into eight modules with 2 cores every, permitting you to optimize the performance / consumption ratio. The redo of the technology Turbo Core permits you to extend the frequency of five hundred MHz for all cores or one GHz for 1/2 the core.

At constant time the Opteron 6200, AMD conjointly announced the Opteron 4200 -based design Valencia with six and eight cores, frequencies between 1.6 and 3 GHz, TDP between thirty five and ninety five watts, and costs between a hundred twenty five and 377 bucks. Despite the server market is monopolized by Intel, AMD has recently obtained a vital victory: the Titan Cray supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory within the Department of Energy of the us, equipped with Interlagos processors, can exceed twenty PetaFLOPS , changing into the foremost powerful PC within the world.

Source: PC World

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