Amazon Kindle Fire Can be Most Popular Tablet of 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire Can be Most Popular Tablet of 2012Amazon Kindle Fire almost instantly become the most popular tablet on Android thanks to affordable price, experts predict that next year will be sold 12 million tablets Kindle Fire and company Amazon will control about 15 % market share of “tablet”.

The high popularity of tablet Amazon Kindle Fire, available for sale on November 15, not only allowed Internet companies to adjust planned production unit this quarter from 3.5 million to 5 million units (or even rumored to be up to 6 million units), but increase the number of suppliers of “hot” news.

 An apparent lack of intent to compete with the “apple`s iPad, what Samsung and many other manufacturers have suffered a crushing defeat. In connection with this very interesting to know what levers to move chooses Amazon 8.9 “tablet, which is closer in size to the iPad, and more suited to the role of a competitor.

Foxconn  will manufacture  8.9 “version of the tablet Kindle Fire, production of which will begin in the middle of the second quarter of 2012. In the sale of novelty will come late in the second quarter. Flat 8.9 “panel for the tablet will deliver LG Display and Samsung Electronics so experts are very sure that Kindle Fire Can be a most popular tablet of 2012 . 

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