Amazon Kindle 4 : Reader at a Revolutionary Price

Amazon Kindle 4 : Reader on a Revolutionary PriceThis year, the price race “someone below,” the newly yetquite expensive Soup reached its climax. Up to the fact that Amazon has unveiled a new version of its Kindle, devoid of a keyboard, on a completely insane price of $ 79.Amazon Kindle 4 , it is a really popular reader to the United States and other English speaking countries. The easiest and cheapest way to get access to the entire realm of world literature and periodicals in addition. Worth much more expensive competitors from Barnes & Noble and Sony look to order the same pale in this fight.

The main characteristics of the Amazon Kindle 4

  • Display: E-Ink Pearl 6-inch diagonal and a resolution of 800×600 pixels, 16 shades of gray
  • Memory: 2 GB of internal flash memory
  • Wireless modules: Wi-Fi
  • Support book formats: Kindle (AZW), Audible (AA, AAX), unprotected MOBI, PRC, TXT, DOC, DOCX, PDF
  • Supports image formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG. Plus support for HTML
  • Built-in browser

This is the simplest version of a new generation of Kindle, does not come with 3G module on board. The price for the version with built-in advertising (in Kindle Store) – $ 79, no advertising – $ 109. In Russia, still not officially available, but you can buy. At prices in the area of ??five thousand. In particular, in-store, which gave us a test-reader, reader is 4,900 rubles.

This is the first in a new lineup Amazon Kindle device, the most simple and inexpensive, classical reader with little or no extra frills. One of these days will go on sale sensory reader Kindle Touch (for which there will be a free version with a proprietary 3G around the world) and a tablet Kindle Fire. On them, we still must write. I also note that the novelty, like any new “Kindl”, is simply called Amazon Kindle, no index to the name is not included. But to mark its difference from the previous versions (by the way, Kindle 3 is sold under the name Kindle Keyboard ), have agreed to call her Amazon Kindle 4.

Design and constructionAmazon Kindle 4 : Reader on a Revolutionary Price

Appearance Amazon Kindle four became more strict after the rounded outlines of the first generations. Color – only asphalt-gray, the white version will not. Material one – plastic, but in front and behind it is slightly different in texture. Changed the corporate logo, it has disappeared from the word Amazon, Kindle and written a new scrip

Dimensions Amazon Kindle 4 – 114x166x9 mm, weight – 170 grams. This is not the easiest reader on the market, but Sony PRS-T1 only two (!) Grams lighter. And here I should mention that in your hand, it is now, of course, better, takes up less space, and it can be, for example, in the back pocket. If you’re not afraid.

Overall design of the new Kindle does not make a strong impression that, it is quite utilitarian, not designed to heat the eye thing. To some he might not like it, seem boring, but I was its rigor, on the contrary, pleases. With the veneer of the same Sony PRS-T1 sravnitsyab not but remember and soiled, exposure to scratch the last Sony Reader.On the front panel is a six-inch screen and five buttons: back, calling the keyboard, five-way navigation joystick, a context menu, go to the main screen.On the edges are duplicated key turning pages, easy and left-handers and right-handed.At the bottom there is a microUSB-socket for PC connection and battery charging status indicator and a power button. At the top there’s nothing there.

Interface and control

Thus, binding on all the previous Kindle QWERTY-keyboard is no more. Out of this model and the touch screen.How does this affect the management of reader?

Up to a rare moment when you need to enter any information (in the Kindle Store search or in the text, enter the site address in your browser or security key when trying to go to the Network for Wi-Fi) – does not affect in any way. That’s all well aware of before, so the news of the withdrawal of the new version of Kindle keyboard was seen happily.Interface classical, changes in comparison with the previous Kindle no. On the main screen – bookshelf without opportunities to its catalog, is available only selection sort. Displayed on a screen ten points, flipping between screens just have buttons paging joystick allows you to switch between being able to remove a book from the device (left) and look at all available to book activities, as well as its cover (right). On the status bar you can see the battery icon and the connection to wireless networks.


On the new Kindle is set the same screen as the previous one. E-Ink Pearl 800×600, 6-inch diagonal, which supports 16 shades of gray. Close to perfection screen, which is second only to Pearl HD, friend us on iriver Story HD. It works quickly, pleasant contrast – exactly the same set at Nook Touch and Sony PRS-T1, in the “big trio” par now.

Built-in memory in the Kindle four very small – 2 GB. And there are no opportunities for expansion. But this is enough for a full-fledged library in individual device.

ReadingAmazon Kindle 4 : Reader on a Revolutionary Price

Amazon Kindle 4 understand only one specific electronic-book format, and that yours. It is about MOBI.Therefore, to “communicate” with the reader through an intermediary, best represented by the utility Calibre, which will provide and cataloging, and Convert files on the fly. If you already have the book in the format of MOBI – you can fold them straight to the reader as an external drive.


Built non-removable 500 mAh capacity is enough for about two weeks to work with readers, if not to include Wi-Fi connection. If you turn on  then, naturally, “tired” device much faster. Move in gentle mode, as the Sony PRS-T1, the local wireless module does not know how.

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