The Amazon Alexa app gets a new look

The mobile app dedicated to Google Assistant has been updated recently, with a brand new interface. Today, it is that of Amazon Alexa who is getting a new look.

Amazon Alexa New Look

While Alexa’s main interest is to allow users to control voice-enabled devices, it can be useful, if not necessary, sometimes to use the dedicated mobile application. If you are used to doing this, know that Amazon has just updated. It now offers a brand new interface.

The Amazon Alexa app gets a new look

Among the most obvious changes in this update, the new interface, with its new colors. The developers have also tried to improve the way in which intelligent devices connected to the network are controlled. Through their dedicated tabs, it becomes possible to control lights individually, power outlets and more, all from a single screen, where previously had to go through a room.

If you prefer, however, group your devices by room, know that it is always possible to do so, but the new design offers more flexibility. For the rest, as we said, the most obvious changes are in the color palette.

More flexibility and new colors

The update is already deployed. If you have not activated automatic updates, go to the iOS App Store or Google Play if you are running Android.

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