Alternatives to Skype for Business Meetings

alternatives to Skype

Skype is a great tool. It is 9 years old, an interesting story , and the idea of bringing technology to the mobile P2P has been unmatched. A few months ago, Microsoft acquired Skype-surely remember, was quite a stir, and many swore they would leave for another service Skype. The fact that the operation of Skype was not affected, but with the passage of time itself have emerged that make services competition, and we can not fail to mention.So, we have assembled this list of five alternatives to Skype , which have their benefits and disadvantages.

The benefits will name each one of them, but I think the fundamental disadvantage of some of these applications is that they are not used in a way as massive as Skype. When we have to have a meeting with someone who does not know, or that we have not reached before, we may have more chances of having a Skype user. But for international telephony, are equally useful.

Google Hangouts is best in Alternatives to Skype

I put Google Hangouts first choice because it seems the most viable option to replace Skype if we were already using. Since the release of Google+, the search engine company has endeavored to make the hangouts or meetups differential value, and really have been providing a stable service-most of the time, with many features and has an extremely useful for the business meetings .

Why? Because basically we have many chances of a person to have Gmail or other Google service, so it is not too hard to connect with them. Google+ may not have too high retention of users, but the product itself is a good way to connect with others and is still widely used by integrating, for example, Google Talk and other products of the company.

In addition to talks with multiple video users also have the option to transfer files with Google Drive, screen sharing , one of the coolest features that is-with the rest of those attending the hangout, edit documents in real time with Google Docs, and even add fun screen effects. And best of all, it’s completely free , so you do not have to pay anything extra to unlock some features.


This is one of the most popular alternatives to Skype , because it gives us many features similar to Skype with stability much more stable. It is less likely that we disconnect calls if you use this program. It is a hybrid between an instant messenger, video conferencing and VoIP phone also has support for use on Android smartphones , and desktop clients for Mac and Windows.

The differential value ooVoo is its audio and video quality that far exceeds that of Skype. We have on one side the possibility to use a free account that is quite complete, or if we have the budget to buy the program, offering an alternative differential premium video quality and more features. If we or work in a small company with the free account should be fine. With instant messaging also cover other needs, and you can also screen sharing among multiple users, for example, webinars, and more.

Facetime is a good choice from Alternatives to Skype

If we work exclusively with Mac, Facetime is an excellent feature of the operating system that is also present in the rest of the catalog of the apple company-if we have models and newer OS. We can download the client by few cents and communicate with anyone on the platform for video conferencing.

Facetime is typical restrictions we can expect from Apple program, but for example, if we design a small study with few employees and we are all using Mac, is a great choice to replace Skype for Mac, as well as having the peace ‘re using a Mac product that generally have no flaws that may have Windows software, and not made by others but by the same company.


For Linux users, Ekiga used to be known as GnomeMeeting. It is a very complete client allows video conferencing and used as instant messenger, and is completely open source. In addition, we offer a high quality audio and video , in HD, and can also be used as the software of choice for VoIP telephony. Other features we like Ekiga are ease of use, with a simple user interface and attractive, and the ability to send SMS with some carriers .


Another program that allows us to not only make video calls but also send SMS and have chats with other users is VoxOx . It is also free , and has not only computer software but also with an iPhone app to keep meetings moving. We can even send faxes! If, of course, people are still using faxes.

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