AIRprint: Created a Fingerprint Scanner at a Distance

AIRprint: Created a Fingerprint Scanner at a Distance 1

There is a new generation of fingerprint scanners that perform their duties at a distance of several meters from the object scanned. Its first model is represented by the company AIRprint IDairIt recognizes the fingerprint man in six feet away.

AIRprint operates quite differently from the other fingerprint scanners. The developers, talking about how it works, does not go into details, but still said that the secret is to use a special camera. A case in point is not about gigapikselnyh chamber of American researchers – part two AIRprint is only 1.3-megapixel sensor and a special flare that gives the polarized light (the wave oscillates in one plane). The cameras are arranged in such a way as to detect the horizontal and vertical wavelength of the light reflected from the scanned fingerprint the person. 

We must pay tribute to developers AIRprint, because this scanner is very fast. According to the website Dvice, he needed less than a second to scan all five fingers of one hand, regardless of whether the object is moving or not. The processing of information received has had a few more seconds, and the output is accurate fingerprint.

Of course, the creators of AIRprint want their creation was used “for peaceful purposes,” such as in trade. Fingerprints can replace the signature when paying bills by credit card or bank check at discharge. This is sort of replacing an emerging technology Near Field Communication. But there is another side of the coin: AIRprint ideal for human identification at a distance, and the secret from him. This scanner will enjoy law enforcement agencies of different countries, especially if you combine it with video surveillance and face recognitionHowever, there is a simple and, most importantly, reliable way to prevent unauthorized scanning of prints – is the most common gloves.


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