End of Adobe Flash Development for Android and BlackBerry

End of Adobe Flash Development for Android and BlackBerryOne of the main arguments against iOS Android fans is support for Flash on mobile devices with Google’s operating system. In the future, this argument is omitted, however, because Adobe has announced the end of the Flash player for smartphones and tablets, including Android and BlackBerry.

According to Adobe ZDNet in last night on the first partner has further set of information.When it comes to Adobe upcoming mobile browser, operating system or device configuration are not supported by the Flash plugin. An adaptation of the player will no longer take place, only critical security updates will still publish it just in case.The focus will put the company out of California now on HTML5 and the development of AIR apps.Even in the context of yesterday’s announcement that several hundred employees will be laid off, there were hints at the end of Flash on mobile devices. Apple’s then CEO Steve Jobs had in April 2010, his arguments against Flash on the table and in his ” Thoughts on Flash “specifically criticized the use of mobile technology. 

The life of the Flash Player on Android was short and started only after several delays. Only in June 2010 published the first official version, and it has been variously defined with attributes such as poor performance or battery-eating skills to the files. Even if Adobe is the reality now apparently arrived. The end of the Flash player for mobile devices will be officially announced in the coming hours. The future lies in technologies such as HTML5. Adobe may be just right.With the Flash player you earn no money with the tools for developing applications that use these technologies, however, very well. For the manufacturers of Android devices is the item “Does Flash” in the feature list is not too be far future history. Us users, it can only be right to be instructed not to a plugin. It will be accepted bets immediately when the last hour of the regular Flash player has beaten. 


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